Rangers’ closer loses bet, dresses as Romo

ARLINGTON, Texas — Texas Rangers closer Joe Nathan had to pay off a bet Tuesday before the game against Cleveland.

He wasn’t happy about it either.

Nathan, a diehard New York Giants fan, shagged fly balls in the outfield dressed from head to toe like Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. Nathan lost a bet to fellow reliever Mike Adams, who is a Cowboys season-ticket holder.

“It feels just like I thought it would, absolutely terrible,” said Nathan, who alternated between wearing a Cowboys helmet and a Cowboys cap backward Romo style during batting practice.

Nathan had to pay up after the Cowboys beat the Giants 24-17 last Wednesday. In addition to wearing the gear during BP, Nathan had to sign autographs for five minutes following BP. The autograph idea was something Nathan came up with and a decision he was regretting as he signed them in the Texas heat. Had Adams lost, he would have had to do the same, only in a jersey that Nathan had custom-made for Adams including his name on the back.

Nathan and other Rangers played catch with a football and left-hander Derek Holland also took some time wearing the helmet while he shagged fly balls.

The idea for the bet came in spring training.

“When I first met him the first thing he told me was I saw that crappy helmet in your locker and I’m a Giants fans and we should have some good bets going on,” said Adams. “It kind of went from there.”

Adams was able to get the gear from the Cowboys and Nathan went all in, even wearing football spikes for BP. Despite the lost bet, Nathan isn’t backing down and has already circled Oct. 28 on the schedule. That’s when the Giants play the Cowboys in Arlington.

“We’ll have something going for sure,” said Nathan. “Let’s just say I would have rather won the bet. He did a good job of getting the uniform.”

Adams’ strong wagering isn’t over yet. Rangers’ general manager Jon Daniels, who is also an avid Giants fan, also gambled and lost with Adams. He’ll have to do a television interview wearing a Cowboys cap.