Randle ready to earn his star with Cowboys

Joseph Randle probably had a few Dallas Cowboys fans jump on his bandwagon just by listening to the audio of his draft-day phone call from Jerry Jones, which was posted on the team’s official website.
When the Cowboys owner and general manager called Randle to inform him that the franchise was drafting him with the 151st overall pick, the Oklahoma State running back didn’t hold back his excitement.
“We’re fixin’ to put a star on your helmet,” Jones said.
Randle quickly replied: “Man, that’s what I’m talking about. Let’s play football.”
Although Randle lasted until the fifth round and nine running backs were drafted ahead of him, the 21-year-old figures to see plenty of playing time as a rookie. However, trash-talking DeMarco Murray about taking the starting job is not on his mind.
“I’m just trying to get in there and win games,” Randle said Tuesday on 105.3 The Fan [KRLD-FM]. “Good, healthy competition. Just get in there and work hard and we’ll push each other and just go like that.”
Like most Cowboys draft picks, Randle said he was a fan of the team growing up. He mentioned watching Emmitt Smith, Deion Sanders, Michael Irvin, Troy Aikman and Daryl Johnston.
“If I had to pick a [NFL] team to play for if it was college, I would’ve chose the Cowboys,” Randle said.
Most Cowboys fans probably didn’t enjoy hearing Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III say over the weekend that the Redskins “spanked” the Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day and “made Cowboys Stadium our home.”
Randle didn’t seem bothered by those words, but he did take a small shot.
When given a chance to fire back on Tuesday, Randle sounded like someone who was looking forward to settle things on the field.
“I’m not worried about that,” said Randle. “Last time I seen RG3 he was at Oklahoma State, and we remember how that went.”
Oklahoma State defeated Baylor 59-24 in that contest. Griffin rushed for a touchdown and threw for another but he also tossed two interceptions. No. 3 OSU improved to 8-0 behind Randle’s 152 rushing yards and four touchdowns.
Near the end of the interview, Randle discussed the various aspects of being a complete running back and noted his blocking ability. He then mentioned the pride he takes in blocking for his quarterback.
“Anybody can block,” Randle said. “It’s just whatever kind of effort you put into it. If you put your effort into blocking, you can block.
“If you can’t protect the quarterback, you won’t play. … If he feels comfortable back there then he’ll do his thing. I look up to [Tony Romo]. I respect what he brings to the table.”
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