Popovich thinks government shutdown is like ‘children fighting over their toys’

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich doesn’t take no crap from no nobody.

Not even the United States government.

Before Monday’s preseason game against the Nuggets, Coach Pop was asked his thoughts about the government shutdown and CBS Sports pointed out the classic response.

Never one to shy away from giving his opinion, Pop said, “It’s children fighting over their toys, so to speak. It’s got nothing to do with the public or what’s good for the country. It’s about winning and losing, and that doesn’t do any of us much good.”

The opinion was in response to one reporters question about whether he talked about the current situation with his team.

“We talk about a lot of things with the team.,” he revealed. “We haven’t gotten really specific with the shutdown. I don’t think that they are real concerned with that, especially the foreign players. Most foreigners think we’re pretty silly, and they’re correct.”

But Pop’s speech didn’t end there. He continued, “Hopefully they’re going to get to some sort of agreement in the next couple of days that might be good for the American people.

“It’s funny how each of them talks about what the American people want. The leaders from one side, they talk and say ‘The American People want…’ How the hell do these people know what they want? They live in a fishbowl. And then the other side says the same thing. It’s kind of comical, if it wasn’t so dramatically devastating for so many people.

“That’s enough to get me in trouble,” he concluded.

There you have it. Greg Popovich: The voice of reason.