Popovich continues to enjoy messing with media

Gregg Popovich has no problem making things difficult for the media if you have ever watched any interview or news conference with the San Antonio Spurs coach.

Friday night, as the Spurs where taking on Lakers in Los Angeles, Popovich got a chance to take a jab at the ‘new guy,’ ESPN’s J.A. Adande, who was working as a sideline reporter for the first time.

From Popovich’s very subtle smile he cracked between his strictly enforced two-question limit, it is obvious he gets a kick out of messing with the media.

At least Adande didn’t get it as bad as one of Popovich’s favorite targets, TNT’s Craig Sager.

The worst part about Adande getting burned by Popovich was that he was prepared for it.

Unfortunately Pop isn’t often bested by the media, and no amount of ‘training’ can ever make a reporter ready for him.

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