Paul George, Chad Johnson engage in ‘heated’ Twitter exchange over FIFA

Are we about to get the Youtube 1-on-1 dream match we’ve all been waiting for?

It started simple enough with a tweet from Oklahoma City Thunder star Paul George engaging in a little video game fun with soccer enthusiast (and former great NFL wide receiver) Chad Johnson.

George, a big gamer himself, challenged Ochocinco to a friendly game of FIFA.

Johnson had no problem excepting the soccer challenge…but things escalated quickly when he upped the stakes to some real 1-on-1 basketball.

What??  Where did that come from?  From online FIFA to challenging one of the best basketball players in the world to a pick-up game of basketball…one that you guarantee you’ll win, confident enough in your skills that you are willing to shoot the game and post it to Youtube?

Johnson…do you know what you are doing?

George quickly accepted the challenge.

PLEASE let this happen and PLEASE share that Youtube link when you get a chance.

And who knows.  Both George and Johnson are such big gamers, maybe EA Sports will make a game of the two like the old school “Jordan vs. Bird” one-on-one video game back in the early 1990’s.