OSU head coach Mike Gundy pokes fun at reporter

ARLINGTON, Texas — It’s been a while since Sports Illustrated did a scathing piece on the Oklahoma State football program, but head coach Mike Gundy hasn’t forgotten about it.

Following his team’s 41-31 loss to Missouri in the AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic, Gundy was handling the typical postgame questions.

When a reporter identified himself from SI and asked the head coach about the team’s preparation for two Missouri quarterbacks, Gundy perked up. Gundy then asked again the outlet. When the reporters responded, Gundy didn’t waste any time in taking a dig.

"Sweet," Gundy said. "That’s awesome. Make sure you document this so you have all the research for your background."

Gundy then said he thought the reporter was joking when he said his affiliation.

SI did a lengthy piece on the school in September, alleging improprieties over a lengthy period of time. After the report, the school said it would investigate the allegations and conducted an independent review.

The SI report, which ran for nearly a week, alleged widespread payments to players, academic fraud and drug use with the program over a long period of time that included Gundy’s tenure.

"It was kind of funny," Gundy said after the press conference. "Honestly, I really don’t care. I’m over all that, but he just kind of said it and just kind of caught me off guard and I was like, ‘€˜Wow, that’s awesome.’  I just took a little shot at him. Honestly, I could care less. That stuff went so far out the window it didn’t really matter. I just thought, might as well take a little jab. Hell, I’ve got freedom of speech."