Ogletree admits to mistake in final seconds

IRVING, Texas — Wide receiver Kevin Ogletree said he was aware of the situation the Dallas Cowboys were in with 26 seconds remaining and in desperate need to stop the clock Sunday in Baltimore.
With the Cowboys trying to gain extra yards to give kicker Dan Bailey a shorter field goal attempt, Tony Romo threw to Dez Bryant for a one-yard gain. Bryant was tackled in bounds and the clock continued to run. Instead of having everyone rush back to the line of scrimmage and line up to spike the football and stop the clock, Ogletree and Miles Austin jogged back from the deep routes they had just ran, forcing the Cowboys to call their final timeout with six seconds remaining.
Dallas was forced to send out Bailey for a 51-yard field goal attempt. The second-year kicker missed, allowing the Ravens to prevail, 31-29.
“That’s a personal mistake for sure,” Ogletree said Monday. “At that stage in the game, it’s very critical to at least get aligned to run a play since the plays are so important. We just got to get that mentality that everything is happening fast and it’s going to happen fluent.”
Ogletree said he had no idea about his lack of hustle on the final offensive play until it was discussed during a Monday meeting at Valley Ranch.
“I just now, for the first time five minutes ago, heard about the lack of aggressiveness to get back to the line of scrimmage,” Ogletree said. “I know that’s my job to get there and get to the line. I know Miles and I both feel bad about what happened, because we know the outcome. We know we missed the field goal and how close that was and how precious yardage was at the end of the day. So getting back to the line of scrimmage, maybe getting the play called, I think this will all be great for us going forward in learning a lesson.”
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