Nowitzki blown away by bus elevator

On Friday night, the Dallas Mavericks venture to New Jersey to play at the brand new Barclays Center for the first time.

That also means it was the first time Dirk Nowitzki, or any of his teammates for that matter, rode an elevator built for a bus.

“That’s sweet,” Nowitzki told The Dallas Morning News. “I’ve never seen that. And to see them turn it around on that circular thing.”

The newspaper described the exotic elevators — there’s two of them, side-by-side — as a large elevator that the bus drives into at street level, then travels underground 40 feet and exits at court level at a loading dock.

Then, there is a rotating platform that spins the bus back around so it can pull forward into the elevator instead of backing into it for its return to street level.

The Barclays Center, packed into a tight Brooklyn neighborhood, had to get innovative in the way they designed elements that were a much more natural fit at most arenas.

There’s no word if the bus elevators were the deciding factor that kept point guard Deron Williams with the Nets this summer instead of coming to Dallas, where, in fact, there are no bus elevators at the American Airlines Center.