Ryan’s ceremonial first pitch at Astros opener is just a bit outside

Hall of Famer and former Houston ace Nolan Ryan reacts to his ceremonial first pitch.

Pat Sullivan/AP

Nolan Ryan showed he’s still got no-hit stuff when he threw out a ceremonial first pitch Tuesday.

However, what Ryan didn’t hit was the catcher’s glove. Or come anywhere close to it.

The 67-year-old Ryan, now a consultant for the Astros, took the mound before the season opener with the Yankees at Minute Maid Park.

On the receiving end was another Astros legend, Craig Biggio, who caught Ryan’s 100th win with the club back in 1988.

Biggio never got a glove on this fastball as it sailed wide right –€“ way wide – scattering a group of photographers gathered around home plate.

Ryan had a sheepish grin as he walked off the mound to greet Biggio after he retrieved the ball. Actually, someone had to toss the ball to Biggio.

"I wanted to get it where it was catchable," Ryan chuckled later to MLB.com. "It wasn’t."

At least Ryan came out better than one of his contemporaries, Don Baylor, who broke his leg Monday night catching a ceremonial first pitch at the Angels’ opener. 

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