Nolan Ryan downplays Astros talk

The shockwave from the resignation of Houston Astros president George Postolos could be felt in the Metroplex Monday.

But it doesn’t look like there’s any fire where there’s smoke involving Texas Rangers CEO Nolan Ryan.

Ryan told KESN-FM’s Galloway and Company Monday that he hadn’t been contacted by anyone in the Houston organization about the new vacancy with the Astros.

Ryan, who was also the Rangers’ team president before Jon Daniels and Rick George were given shares of the role in spring training, also intimated that he wouldn’t have any interest in taking on a role with Houston.

“I don’t think so,” Ryan said. “How’s that? No. I’m sure they’ll fill it with the right person.”

Houston has struggled in its first year in the American League. The Astros, who are owned by Jim Crane, are 10-28 and just got swept by the Rangers. Crane was part of the group that was bidding against Ryan’s group in 2010 to buy the Rangers.

Ryan considered leaving the Rangers in spring training after losing his role as president but said conversations with owners Ray Davis and Bob Simpson helped convince him to stay. Ryan doesn’t deal with the day-to-day operations as much as he did before and has been able to travel to check on the organization’s other clubs. He’s seen Round Rock play four times already.

As for how things are going now with the Rangers?

“Things are going smoothly with the organization and with the relationships in the front office,” Ryan said.