No drop off for Gordon since returning from injury

New Orleans Pelicans guard Eric Gordon.

Isaiah J. Downing/Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

The Pelicans Eric Gordon is showing no signs of rust after missing 21 games with a torn labrum in his left shoulder. In fact, some of Gordon’s stats are better now than prior to his injury.

Gordon is now averaging 10 points per game, versus 9.5 before his injury. Gordon is also dishing dimes at double the rate he was before the labrum tear: 4.5 assists per game versus 2 per game.

"I’ve always appreciated Eric’s ability to make the right play," Coach Monty Williams said. "He has a very high understanding of the game. He also recognizes that Anthony Davis is a special player, so he won’t hesitate to put the ball in AD’s hands."

After missing 21 games, Gordon has now played in three contests.

The shooting guard is borrowing a page from the Rockets’ Dwight Howard as he works through playing on a shoulder that’s not 100% healthy.

Gordon is relying on the same AlignMed shirt Howard has worn to keep posture in place and joints aligned, according to AlignMed’s inventor and CEO, Bill Schultz.

"It’s like having kinesiology tape from your neck to below your waist, on your chest and back," Schultz said. "Except that we put it in a garment, so it’s much more comfortable and covers a larger surface area."

The shirt Gordon wears has neuro bands sewn into it. The stretch tension stimulates the muscles, causing them to fire and joints to align in their natural position,

"If you improve the position of the joints, you’ll have better posture, reduce pain and limit the chance of injury," Schultz said.

Gordon injured his shoulder during a November 22 collision with Utah’s Alec Burks. The collision dislocated Gordon’s shoulder. When Gordon’s shoulder popped back into lace, his labrum completely tore.

Gordon says he plans to wear the AlignMed shirt for at least the near future, as he tries to avoid surgery until the offseason.