NFL’s female fans gearing up for new handbag restrictions

Female NFL fans gearing up for the rush of the first wave of preseason games need to be mindful of new handbag restrictions that could quickly spoil the game day experience.

Ladies, start narrowing down what’s absolutely essential to bring with you Friday night, because this season, the NFL is limiting what type of handbag you can carry into a game.

Under the new restrictions adopted by all NFL owners, you can no longer bring in things like big purses, backpacks, briefcases or camera bags.

Instead, only hand-sized clutch purses are okay or clear plastic bags that are no bigger than 12 X 12. If you carry something else to the game starting tomorrow night, you’ll have to choose between your bag or your seat.

The Saints are trying to ease the way a bit for season ticket holders. New Orleans is giving away free “approved” clear plastic bags with the NFL logo. People can pick them up at Saints camp as long as supplies last.

There’s also been a rush of online manufacturers producing NFL-approved clear plastic purses.

The goal of the new rule to speed up security checks going into stadiums.