New meme takes aim at Cowboys’ failures

Sometimes, it’s hard to face reality.

But a new meme floating around the web is making Dallas Cowboys fans do just that.

First this week came the huge backlash on Twitter after the Cowboys guaranteed quarterback Tony Romo $55 million.

Now, this meme is highlighting a fact that can’t make Cowboys fans feel good.

With Michigan defeating Kansas and Florida in the NCAA tournament’s South Regional in Arlington, Texas, this past weekend to advance to the Final Four, the Wolverines have two postseason wins inside Cowboys Stadium.

And the Cowboys, who have been playing in Jerry World since 2009? Well, they have just one playoff win on their home turf.

So, of course, it didn’t take long for rival fans to make sure the boys in Big D knew this statistic.  

A meme was created and has been spreading like wildfire on Facebook profiles of Redskins, Eagles and Giants fans.

The top half of the picture displays the Michigan squad celebrating one of its wins in Arlington, while the bottom half shows Romo and receiver Dez Bryant.

The text: “The awkward moment when the Michigan Wolverines have more playoff wins in Cowboys Stadium than the Dallas Cowboys.”

To be fair, this meme could be much crueler. It does not point out the fact that the Cowboys are tied for second in postseason wins in their home stadium now with the Florida Gators.