Mavs out on Dwight Howard, move on to Plan B again

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban told Fox Sports and and a select handful of other local media outlets via e-mail on Friday at 4:09 p.m. that the team has been notified that they are out of the running for Dwight Howard.

“Got word we are out of the DH sweepstakes,” Cuban wrote. “We gave it a shot and it didn’t work out. … It was truly an experience.”

Part of the experience was Dallas attempting to respect Howard’s privacy by not springing leaks about the team’s recruiting meeting with him. That is contrary to how some of the other suitors have handled themselves … but it did not turn out to be a winning hand. Cuban now says of the meeting, “At some point I will post our video and presentation we made.”

And speaking of the other suitors?Cuban also said he had no knowledge of the free agent center’s decision on a destination.”I have no idea what team he is going to,” Cuban wrote in the e-mail. “They wouldn’t tell me. … So it’s on to plan B.”