Mavs considering anti-Sterling gesture for Game 4 vs. Spurs

DALLAS — Dallas Mavericks players are considering making a symbolic anti-Donald Sterling gesture as part of Monday’s first-round Game 4 meeting with the Spurs at American Airlines Center.

Sterling, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, is embroiled in yet another racism-based controversy, this one involving audio tapes featuring his girlfriend and assorted bigoted comments.

The Clippers themselves created a gesture in protest of their owner on Sunday with inside-out warm-up tops and black armbands and socks worn during their playoff loss at Golden State.

As the NBA itself explores ways to punish or even oust Sterling, Mavs owner Mark Cuban is on-record as saying, "Sometimes, people think they have to comment on everything in this day and age. And sometimes, when somebody says something, it’s better just to let be what’s said be the headline.”

From Dirk Nowitzki: "It’s very disappointing.  I’m not sure if a guy like that is allowed to own a team in 2014.”

Mavs players — involved in trying to extend their 2-1 series lead over the heavily-favored Spurs — don’t have much of a voice in any of that. But they are planning on using the platform they do have.