Mavericks with epic Gangnam Style parody

While the Dallas Mavericks might be going through a bit of a revamping on the court, their arena production department is still hitting on all cylinders.

From the team that brought you dancing grandmas and fat male cheerleaders, they now have a Gangnam Style parody video that stands up to the best on the Internet.

Retitled “Whoop ‘Em Mavericks Style,” the video features the likenesses of Dirk Nowitzki, Mark Cuban, Rick Carlisle, Vince Carter, Shawn Marion and the rest of the Mavericks roster with their heads placed on the bodies of the performers of the most-watched video ever on YouTube.

The video is featured on the jumbotron during Dallas Mavericks home games at the American Airlines Center.  During a recent game against the New York Knicks, several Knicks players spent a timeout watching and laughing at the video.

Sit back, enjoy… and Whoop ‘Em Mavericks Style!