Mark Cuban recalls a time he got Magic Johnson kicked off a plane

Mark Cuban isn’t a Lakers fan, so he enjoys telling one of his stories involving one of the franchise’s legendary players.

The Dallas Mavericks owner once regularly used an airplane pass that allowed him and a guest to fly first class anywhere around the world.

Speaking at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas last weekend, Cuban recalls a time when he got Magic Johnson kicked off a plane.

"I used to go to clubs in LA and wherever and say, ‘Let’s go somewhere. Let’s go to Vegas,’ and drag somebody [with me]," Cuban said, according to a report by Yahoo! Business Insider. "It was a first-class ticket for me and somebody else and if there weren’t seats available they’d have to kick somebody off.

"One day Magic Johnson comes [expletive] and moaning off the plane. He was the victim I guess. It made me look really good with that girl."

Cuban doesn’t use the pass anymore, but said he has given it to his father. Maybe Cuban’s dad will get an opportunity to get Kobe Bryant or Kareem Abdul Jabbar kicked off a plane.

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