Magic: The Lakers are done

Kobe Bryant might have stopped tweeting because he felt he was taking too much attention away from the Los Angeles Lakers series against the San Antonio Spurs.

But one former Lakers great has no problem going to Twitter to express his feelings in regards to LA’s chances against the Spurs.

And down 0-2 heading into Game 3 Friday night at the Staples Center, Magic Johnson sees the writing on the wall.

Nash received three injections to relieve pain in his back on Thursday, but is listed as doubtful to play Friday, along with guard Jodie Meeks (sprained ankle).  Blake has already been listed as out for his injured hamstring.

And Bryant is nowhere to be seen.

With the Lakers top four guards out of action … and Spurs guard Tony Parker playing at a superstar level, Johnson seems to feel he knows exactly how the rest of this series will play out.

Johnson has used his Twitter account to be extremely vocal about his displeasures with the Lakers this season, and he is definitely not doing his part to try to help encourage the Lakers to fight back as the team returns to their home court.

In Magic’s eyes, this series is game, set and match.