Lin graces cover of GQ Magazine

HOUSTON — Jeremy Lin scanned the gym. Marcus Morris was out there shooting. Kevin McHale was out there watching. Lin looked back into the training room, where Kevin Martin was. 
He was looking for the “most GQ” man on the team. 
“It’s too early to tell,” Lin said. 
Except it isn’t. Lin is the most GQ man on the team, because Lin is the only man on the team who has appeared on the cover of GQ Magazine. He graces the magazine’s November issue. 
“I’ve been kind of excited,” Lin said. “I want to see what it looks like.”
The cover art features Lin, holding a basketball, in a gray suit with a hoodie on underneath and a long red scarf around his neck. The story, which is available online now, is mainly focused on Lin’s time with the New York Knicks, his surprising departure from them and how everybody (including the writer) feels about it. Lin admits in the interview he doesn’t “know much about Houston,” and expresses some melancholy about having to leave New York.
Lin hasn’t seen the piece or the art yet. 
Asked about that quote about Houston, he said, “I still haven’t learned as much as I wish I did. I learned it’s real spread out. … I love it out here. People are nice. Really good food.”
As Lin scanned the gym looking for the Rockets’ most GQ person, someone suggested he name McHale. 
“I can’t do that,” he said. 
Turned out nobody really had much of an answer for that question. Forward Chandler Parsons said he had never really thought of Lin as a GQ kind of guy before. 
“I still don’t,” Parsons said.