Lawsuit: OK State coach Gundy fired man over Sooners shirt

We’re about to find out just how much Brent Loveland’s shirt is worth.

Loveland, of Choctaw, Okla., claims he was fired from a construction job at the Stillwater, Okla. home of Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy for wearing a University of Oklahoma baseball T-shirt.

There is a pre-trial conference scheduled for Monday in Logan County, which is adjacent to Payne County where the incident happened.

Loveland, who was hired to do trim installation in March of 2011 at Gundy’s home, filed the suit in August of 2011 after Gundy allegedly approached Loveland on the first day on the job saying, “How dare you come into my house and offend my wife?” Loveland then asked what Gundy was referring to and Gundy responded, “That (expletive deleted) shirt you have on.”

Loveland claims he got dressed in the dark and said he didn’t realize what shirt he was wearing and didn’t know it had an OU logo on it.

Gundy has not commented on the matter since the suit was initially filed.

Loveland is seeking $10,000 in damages and says he lost an opportunity for income, turning down other jobs to work on Gundy’s home. Gundy’s salary this season is $2.8 million.