Lakers’ D’Antoni takes parting shot at Howard, Rockets

Dwight Howard has certainly had his share of critics following his decision to join the Houston Rockets.  (OK. He had plenty before then as well.)

One such critic has been Howard’s former coach Mike D’Antoni. Howard had been vocal in the past about how he asked the Lakers to hire Phil Jackson instead of D’Antoni following the firing of Mike Brown last season and has been critical of D’Antoni’s offensive system.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Daily News, D’Antoni laughed about Howard landing in Houston, saying that the Rockets’ offensive system is similar to the one the Lakers run:

“The thing that cracks me up is Houston, they do the exact same thing. And so (Howard) is gonna go to Houston? OK, so did they talk about change there? Don’t tell me that it’s that different.”

D’Antoni also wished Howard well with his new team, but according to the article, he “does think [Howard] needs to accept what makes him a special player rather than envision himself as something he isn’t yet and may never be.”

Maybe his former coach is just bitter he couldn’t make the big man work along side Kobe Bryant. After all, Rockets coach Kevin McHale seems pretty confident Howard will be able to fit in just fine, having already declared and been fined for saying the Rockets “can beat anybody” now that they have Howard.

Time will tell which coach will get the last laugh.