Knicks’ Smith unties Marion’s shoe during free throws

When your team is underachieving with a 10-22 record, you have to start getting creative with defensive strategies, but New York Knicks’ guard J.R. Smith might have taken things too far during Sunday’s game against the Mavericks.

Late in the second quarter, Smith checked into the game while Dirk Nowitzki was shooting free throws, and was caught on camera bending down and untying Shawn Marion’s shoes right as Nowitzki drained the second free throw, giving Marion no choice but to run down the court to play defense against the Knicks with an untied shoe.

While at first it seems like a harmless, funny prank by Smith, NBA officials might not be laughing due the risk of injury –€” albeit minimal –€” that could have resulted.

Not to mention, the Knicks were up by 15 points at the time, and did come away with a win, which most would agree isn’t the time to be pulling cheap shots against the opponent.

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