Kliff Kingsbury, Texas Tech football team take #IceBucketChallenge to next level

The coolest coach in the NCAA just got cooler, literally.

Are you tired of the #IceBucketChallenge, yet?

It seems everybody and their brother have gotten in on the viral fundraiser. We’ve seen everything from glacier water being poured from a helicopter to Team USA showing a united front in Chicago. Heck, even Oprah got in on the trend.

And while admitting we may be getting a little tired of seeing these videos fill up our Facebook feeds, we love when challengers create new and exciting ways to douse themselves with the cold water. 

Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury accepted the many challenges thrown his way, and instead of doing it himself, he decided to make it a Red Raider family affair.

Texas Tech athletics released video Friday of the entire football engaging in what looks like the most fun water fight we’ve seen since since we were little.

Players dumped coolers on each other and squirted water bottles at everyone. And then, to top it all off, a firehose blasted the entire group from above the field.

The challenge wouldn’t be complete without challenging others, and you have to see whom Kingsbury decided to call out. Let’s just say his choice is "Flawless."