Kliff Kingsbury hangs out with Tom Brady, Mike Tyson at Preakness

What other college coach gets to rub elbows with the sports world elite?


Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury is enjoying all the perks that comes with being the head coach of a big school. His Ryan Gosling-esc looks aren’€™t hurting either.

Fresh off his rookie year as head coach of the Red Raiders, it appears Kingsbury has gone Hollywood. Coach was spotted watching California Chrome take home the Preakness title with some of sports’ most famous faces.

Kingsbury buried himself in the back of a picture with Patriots QB Tom Brady and Mike Tyson.

Kingsbury also mingled with Steph Curry (nice suit, by the way)

And developed a bromance with Jesse Palmer

All-in-all, not a bad day for Mr. Kingsbury. No other college coach appears to be enjoy the same spoils as he is. Charlie Weis’ inviation must of been lost in the mail.

Other big names in attendance in Baltimore included Michael Phelps

Baltimore Ravens WR Torrey Smith

Former Raven Ray Lewis

And former Secretary of State Colin Powell

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