Kentucky’s Calipari: We were fab before the Fab Five

ARLINGTON, Texas — Kentucky coach John Calipari said there’s little comparison between his team of five freshman starters and Michigan’s Fab Five freshmen in 1992.

However, he said a certain fashion trend has been miscredited to the Fab Five.

"I think we had the long shorts before Michigan at Massachusetts," said Calipari, who coached at UMass when the Fab Five reached the Final Four in 1992. "Will Herndon was my 6-3 power forward and his shorts were 5-2. So I think we were the first ones. They tried to take credit for that."

In a more serious tone, Calipari said the common link between his freshmen and the Fab Five is the way they have bonded as teammates.

"What they did and how they came together, anything you ever watch on that [the Fab Five], can’t you just feel the brotherhood?" Calipari said. "These guys are the same way. They’re fighting for each other. They closed ranks as things got ugly. They were there for each other."

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