Kentucky losing sleep over Final Four win

ARLINGTON, Texas — The phrase "I’ll sleep when I’m dead" applies to the Kentucky Wildcats, who aren’t dead yet after a dramatic win over Wisconsin in Saturday’s national semifinal.

They’re still kicking, but they didn’t do much sleeping after the win.

"If I really told you when I went to bed, Coach would probably kill me," forward Julius Randle said. "I’m just so excited to play and get back out there, and just running on adrenaline."

Kentucky coach John Calipari said both he and his team are "working on fumes now" with one exception.

"We had one guy that slept and got a good 10 hours in," Calipari said at Sunday’s group press conference. "Talk to him."

At the point, guard James Young sheepishly leaned into the microphone.

"I kind of sleep through everything," Young said, grinning. "I just love sleeping."

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