Kansas fan trying to ‘Pay Andrew Wiggins to Stay In School’

There’s little doubt Kansas freshman phenom Andrew Wiggins won’t bolt for the NBA after this season.

Even the most diehard Jayhawks fans know this.

But one man has come up with a plan to keep him in Lawrence for another season.

Kansas alumnus Matt Murphy has started a fund on Indiegogo to “Pay Andrew Wiggins to Stay In School.”

Fellow Jayhawks,

Like many of you, I am both thrilled that freshman phenom Andrew Wiggins has chosen to sport the crimson and blue in 2013-2014 and also bummed he will likely only play for the Hawks one year.

I think we all understand his decision – NBA teams pay their players, and college teams do not (at least openly).  If Andrew Wiggins could stay in Lawrence next year and still buy his mom a house, I’m sure he’d at least consider it.

I know what you’re thinking. How exactly are you going to pay a college player with it not being a NCAA violation?

Murphy has all that covered in a very detailed description of his plan.

NCAA rules prohibit athletes from receiving cash contributions during their college careers.  However, there is no rule that says athletes cannot accept money after their college careers are over. (Such as when they turn pro.)

The goal of Murphy’s fund is $10,000. That’s chump change compared to what Wiggins will make in the NBA.

That still isn’t stopping Murphy’s dream of Wiggins staying a Jayhawk for another year.

If the money we raise here is enough to make that happen, great. If not, the worst case scenario is we end up doing something really awesome for the 2013-2014 seniors.

Maybe Murphy hasn’t been paying attention to what’s been going on with Johnny Manziel and numerous other college players.

Or he thinks he can outsmart the NCAA

Wiggins is just a freshman, but he’s probably smart enough not to take the $10,000.

Of course, that’s only if it comes close to that.

There’s only $20 in there right now.