Jordan taking on a young Mayo: ‘Better Scream For Mama!’

Michael Jordan said in a NBA 2K14 video game promo that he believes in his prime he could beat LeBron James one-on-one.

The six-time NBA champion retired in 2003, and he has since been letting rising young stars know they’ll never be as good as him.

O.J. Mayo is entering his sixth year in the league, but he was already battling Jordan when he was still in high school.

Larry Brown Sports recently obtained a video of Mayo at one of Jordan’s summer camps nearly a decade ago.

Mayo remembers very well what happened on the court that day.

“I happened to be the only high school player there. It was mainly freshmen in college,” he said in an interview with “[Jordan] came on the court, he guarded me, so instantly I was like, man, he must think I’m not the strong link over here. I got it going a little bit.”

You would think a NBA legend would do his best to help teach a young phenom.

Not Jordan, who was and will always will be a fierce competitor.

“We continued playing pick-up. Mike was Mike. He was jawing a little bit, really getting into me defensively,” Mayo said. “He’s backing me down. He said, ‘Better scream for mama. Mama. Mama.’ Hit the famous fadeaway on me. I said, ‘OK, OK, you’ve got it going.’

“He said, ‘Hey, young fella, let me tell you something. You may be the best high school player in the world, but I’m the greatest ever.'”

Maybe Jordan should stop picking on high school kids and make a third comeback to see if he can really play with today’s best in the NBA.