Jones, Garrett not concerned about number of 49ers fans at AT&T Stadium

IRVING, Texas – Dallas Cowboys chief operating officer Stephen Jones and head coach Jason Garrett saw all the red inside AT&T Stadium on Sunday.

But neither seemed too bothered by all those San Francisco 49ers fans in attendance for the season opener.

"Well, that’s a situation we have a lot," Garrett said Monday. "We travel on the road and there are a lot of Cowboys fans wherever we go. I think if you step back and look at some of the marquee franchises in this league -the Cowboys, 49ers, Steelers, Packers, Chicago Bears – a lot of these teams travel really well. And people love to come to our stadium, they love to see AT&T Stadium, where the Cowboys play, and particularly if you’re one of these franchises you’re going to make an effort to do that."

Garrett acknowledged that the home team’s play on the field during the 28-17 loss didn’t necessarily help matters.

"I think at times during the game we gave those guys in the red shirts plenty to cheer about, unfortunately," he said. "And at other times, we gave our fans something to cheer about. But typically a franchise like the 49ers travels well. They like to come here. We have to make sure we keep them sitting in their seats."

During a Monday interview on 105.3 The Fan [KRLD-FM], Jones said he wasn’t concerned about the number of opposing fans chanting and cheering inside the $1.2 billion Arlington venue.

"Every now and then you have a game like that," Jones said. "They’ve obviously been on a role, the 49ers have, the last three or four years, playing in those championship games and a Super Bowl. Every now and then you get a team that travels well like that, but I think that’s really the exception rather than the rule.

"We’ve been in similar situations on the road ourselves, where we represent a big part of that crowd. A little bit of it is a time for them to get to come see AT&T Stadium. That’s one of the issues that comes with having a special place to play. The NFL fans, we’re told, now more than ever will pick a game to go on the road one time and I think we suffer a little bit from them picking AT&T Stadium to make it that trip."

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