Johnny Football’s Super Bowl to remember

Johnny Manziel is on what seems like an unsustainable pace this offseason, but that’s what we all thought during the season too.

We all watched him put up 557 yards against Arkansas, and that was going to be it. Then he went for 576 against Louisiana Tech, then won at Alabama, then passed Tim Tebow and Cam Newton and won the Heisman Trophy. It just never slowed down, and neither has Manziel’s offseason.

He is fast on his way to becoming the quintessential American Bro, and spent part of this past weekend hanging out with the King of All Bros, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.

The best part is, he posts all this stuff on his Twitter account, and by the looks of it Manziel’s Super Bowl party was a real hoot.

It started Friday, when Manziel posted photos of himself on stage with the rapper Wale. The next day he was posing for a photo with the guys from the reality show “Duck Dynasty,” and later that same day a shot of him and former Aggie and current Denver Bronco Von Miller. On Instagram he posted a photo of himself with Gronkowski.

In the last week he has also turned up in photos with Terrell Owens, Rick Ross and, naturally, his father, Paul.

“Super Bowl with my dad,” he wrote. “Doesn’t get much better.”