Johnny Football going Johnny Turncoat on Texas sports?

Yes, that was Johnny Manziel you saw Sunday at the NBA Finals.

No, you shouldn’t be surprised. Johnny Football has been popping up at every major sporting event known to man since he won the Heisman Trophy back in December.

But cheering on the Heat?

C’mon, Manziel . . . that’s breaking all kinds of Texas laws, isn’t it?

Manziel posted a picture of his view of the game at the American Airlines Arena in Miami on Sunday night.

It’s good to see that the College Station legend traveled all the way to Miami to support the Spurs, who play about three hours away from Kyle Field.

Oh, wait . . . he was there for LeBron?

Manizel tried to clear things up real quick before he was slaughtered by his Texas followers, quickly posting about where he falls in the grudge matches we see between the major cities in the Lone Star State.

“Ohh and by the way my Texas loyalties like in DALLAS,” Manziel followed up.

But, like any good politician, he did try to make it clear that we was not burning any bridges with his San Antonio faithful.

That final note, we guess, means that we should expect Johnny Football at the AT&T Center on Tuesday night.

But, before you start to contact the NCAA about how he got his tickets for Sunday’s game, Manziel did blast out some thanks to a very popular on-line ticket broker site.