Johnny Football, country music star?

Is Johnny Manziel trying to make his own mark in the music industry?

Not likely, but if you look at the Texas A&M quarterback’s offseason activities, you may think otherwise.

So far, in just a few months, Manziel has been spotted onstage with hip-hop recording artist Rick Ross, traveled to Toronto to spend time with Drake, and appeared in Granger Smith’s “Silverado Bench Seat” country music video with his girlfriend Sarah Savage.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement, Johnny Football was taped on stage with Wade Bowen at a College Station concert venue singing the country star’s single “Saturday Night” on Wednesday and he isn’t as terrible as you might think.

Perhaps even bigger news was that Johnny Manziel was actually in College Station for once instead of popping up someplace else in the nation like we are accustomed to since the Aggie star won the Heisman Trophy last December.