Jerry Jones won’t tolerate Bryant’s troubles

Is Jerry Jones finally showing some tough love for troubled wide receiver Dez Bryant?

Jones finally talked to Bryant for the first time since the receiver’s arrest for allegedly assaulting his mother. Jones told Bryant to put an end to his off-field troubles.

“The alternative is for him not to be a Dallas Cowboy,” Jones told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on Wednesday.

In the past, Jones has appeared to offer nothing but unconditional support for Bryant, the team’s No. 1 draft pick in 2010.

Since joining the Cowboys, Bryant has made headlines several times for off-field issues. He was sued by jewelers he allegedly hundreds of thousands of dollars. He was also kicked out of an upscale mall for getting in a dispute over wearing sagging pants.

The latest incident involving Bryant’s mother is the first time Bryant has been involved in a criminal incident. He faces misdemeanor family violence charges, despite his mother asking prosecutors to drop the case.

Bryant also faces an owner who, for once, has expressed anger at his star player’s actions.

“I don’t want to get into the detail of what we talked about,” Jones continued. “But you can assume it’s real clear we have to have him adhere to, not only NFL rules, but rules of society.”

Jones said at the start of training camp that he supports Bryant and Bryant’s mother, but now it seems that support has a limit.

“There are two problems here,” Jones told the Star-Telegram. “One is not only a recognition of how serious this is and a recognition of the perceptions that is not good. Controversy is not good. There is also the issue of being able to rely on him. The teammates, the coaches and the people that run the team. If we can’t rely on him, that’s dire consequences.”

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