Jerry Jones ‘very much for’ NFL team in London

Jerry Jones, the owner of "America’s Team," is ready to see the NFL go international.

But of course he wouldn’t mind more Dallas Cowboys fans around the world, too.

"We’ve got a lot of really great Dallas Cowboys fans in London," he told Sky Sports.

Tony Romo and the Cowboys will travel overseas to play the Jacksonville Jaguars in London next season on Nov. 9.

"We were very anxious we got to play there," Jones said. "We went there in 92-93 I think for a pre-season game, not a regular season game, at Wembley and I’m very excited about it."

Is the NFL ready for an "England’s Team?"

"These games will be a good indication of the type of support that we could have there but London is one of the few cities outside of the United States that would be a great city internationally for the NFL," Jones said. "I think that’s very possible and I’m very much for it"

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