Tough crowd: Jerry Jones gets booed at Jerry’s World

Inside AT&T Stadium during the 2014 Final Four.

David J. Phillip/AP

The Cowboys’ faithful may have been hostile towards Jerry Jones in the past. Arguably, for good reason.

But what does 100,000-plus college basketball fans that traveled across the country to experience the Final Four at AT&T Stadium have against the man?

Well, something, because during a TV timeout during the Connecticut-Florida game, those in attendance booed Jones when he appeared on the video screen.

Jones is no stranger to getting booed. After a Cowboys’ game in 2012, Jones said it hurt getting booed. "First of all, they teach you, don’t ever walk in to another sport or another venue and be introduced – a basketball game, a baseball game or what have you – because if a boo starts it’s going to be pretty good, so don’t do that," he said.

Maybe he should have followed his own advice and not allowed the cameras to pan to him. It is Jerry’s World after all.

Perhaps people are just mad they paid $200 for seats where they can barely see the court.

(H/T For the Win)