Jerry Jones: Gavin Escobar part of ‘best answer’ to replace Dez Bryant

All Pro receiver Dez Bryant won’t return until early November, and owner and general manger Jerry Jones believes tight end Gavin Escobar can be big part of a combination to replace Bryant’s production.

"I’ve always thought that the real best answer for not having Dez out there is a combination of things, but it included Escobar," Jones told "The G-Bag Nation" on 105.3 The Fan on Friday. Jones also went on to compare the physical attributes of Escobar and Bryant.

"One of Dez’s great strengths is his radius, and he’s got a big radius because of his being able to catch in a contorted way, being able to catch balls, and go up and get them and catch them in many variation," said Jones. "But it creates a big radius. Escobar does it differently, but he’s got a huge radius, which means a wide way to throw it.

"Now, the other thing that Dez does it is contest balls very well against a receiver that’s physical and does it. Escobar, at 6-7, with a significant leaping ability and those arms should be able to contest balls right and left. That answers your question right there. He’s certainly got the speed to get in the route."

Escobar only played eight snaps against the Falcons last week, and had a fumble against the Philadelphia Eagles the week prior. The second-round pick from 2013 did score the club’s first touchdown of 2015 against the New York Giants in AT&T Stadium, but his start to his third professional season has been plodding. Last week, Panthers tight end Greg Olsen caught eight passes for 134 yards and two touchdowns against the Saints, who have struggled to cover tight ends all season. The Cowboys are hoping Escobar can get some positive plays against Rob Ryan’s defense on Sunday night in New Orleans.