Jerry Jones eager to expand NFL Playoffs even without union approval

Dallas Cowboys owner/GM Jerry Jones.

Matthew Emmons/Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones can’t wait for the NFL to expand the playoffs, and doesn’t think the league needs the players union’s approval to do it.

The NFL Players Association has indicated it might block a move to expand the playoff format if the league doesn’t respond to workers’ compensation issues.

However, Newsday’s Bob Glauber reported that Jones, when asked if the NFLPA has to sign off on an expanded playoffs, said, "Not to my knowledge."

Jones also expressed his support for an expanded playoffs to ESPN’s Sla Paolantonio.

"The sooner the better for the Dallas Cowboys," Jones said. "The more of our teams that have a chance to get in the tournament, I think, it’s the better."

Why is Jones so eager to expand the number of teams in the playoffs? Just look at his own team which has finished 8-8 and just missed the playoffs each of the last three seasons.

The Cowboys have not played in the post-season since 2009. They have just one playoff win, and just six playoff appearances, since 1996.

There’s no guarantee the Cowboys would make the playoffs even if they were expanded. But it does appear that a fight could be brewing between the league and the players union over the expansion.

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