Jerry Jones: Big challenge ahead for Cowboys

Jerry Jones said he didn’t want to talk about coaching or personnel decisions after the Washington Redskins defeated the Cowboys 28-18 Sunday night, eliminating Dallas’ chances of winning the NFC East and making the playoffs.

And the Cowboys owner and general manager didn’t have a definitive answer when he was asked how close his 8-8 team is to being a playoff club. But Jones did say he would be immediately getting to work on the roster and structuring for the future.

“I’m impressed with the way the Redskins are put together across the board,” Jones said. “They’re going to be formidable as the Cowboys look to the future, and we have to look where we are within our division and we’ll look and see just exactly how to approach a team that has some of the players they’ve got and good coaching they’ve got.

“We’ve got a big challenge ahead of us. They’re of course in the tournament and we get to sit at home and start thinking about how to get in the tournament. This is very disappointing. We have players that also have fought hard all year, but it DID NOT get it done and one of my jobs is basically evaluate, analyze and make decisions in the off-season that can help us be in better shape when I’m standing here going into the playoffs.”