It’s been a strange trip for Rangers’ Rosales

ARLINGTON, Texas — Give Adams Rosales credit for thinking ahead.

After the infielder was picked up by the Texas Rangers on waivers from Oakland Aug. 2, he had his car sent to Texas.

Of course was hoping at the time that move would be his last transaction of the season. Instead it was just the second for him in a week’s span.

But it’s all worked out now for Rosales, who was officially added to the Texas roster Tuesday as the Rangers sent infielder Engel Beltre to Round Rock to make room for Rosales.

It’s his second stint with the Rangers this month as he was put on waivers by the Rangers after he was in uniform but didn’t play in three games against the Athletics. He was then claimed by Oakland but played in just one game before getting designated for assignment again. The Rangers picked him up once again Monday and made the move official Tuesday.

“It’s been a whirlwind,” said Rosales, who had been with Oakland since 2010. “I feel like a ping-pong ball, just bouncing from state to state, team to team. I’m just handling it the best I can. I’m here today and I know I’m a Ranger today.”

The Rangers believe Rosales will stick this time. When they first claimed him from Oakland, they had Nelson Cruz in right field and needed an extra infielder. But when Cruz was suspended, they needed another outfielder so Rosales was expendable.

Oakland claimed Rosales because they had an infield need but when the need arose for another pitcher, that meant the end for his return to Oakland at one day. Oakland was hoping he’d go to Triple A until rosters expand in September, but by that time the Rangers had acquired outfielder Alex Rios and didn’t need an extra outfielder. That, plus the trade of Leury Garcia, equaled a return to Texas for a journeyman in the truest since of the word right now.

“We wanted him when we claimed him the first time,” Rangers manager Ron Washington said. “We were hoping no one would pick him up when we put him back out there. But Oakland got him back and when they put him back out there, we got him back.”

Rosales has been able to roll with the changes.

“It’s good experience, just dealing with it the best I can,” said Rosales, who’s in demand for his infield versatility and not for his .191 average this year. “I don’t have any kids so it’s just my wife (Callie) dealing with it the best she can as well.”

There have been some benefits for Rosales. He hasn’t had to move because his permanent house is in Gilbert, Ariz. During the season he and his wife bounce between relatives and hotels. The move has allowed him to accrue plenty of hotel points. He’s also all but guaranteed himself a playoff share as he’s played for two teams fighting for the American League West title.

“We’ve got the Marriott card,” Rosales joked. “We’re platinum.”