Houston schools change ‘historically insensitive’ mascots

Lamar High School's old Redskins mascot "Big Red."

The Redskins are still in Washington D.C., but they’re not in Houston anymore.

The Houston Independent School District announced on Tuesday it has officially changed its mascots with "Native American or historically insensitive ties."

The Lamar High School Redskins will become the Texans, the Welch Middle School Warriors will become the Wolf Pack, and the Westbury High School Rebels will now be known as the Huskies.

It’s a simple change of name, but it won’t be cheap.

HISD says it will cost $38,000 to remove all old symbols and signs at the campuses, and $50,000 for new uniforms.

"The moral cost to our reputation as a diverse district — where we care about the sensitivities of every single individual — would be incalculable if we were not to do this," HISD superintendent Terry Grier said.

As for the NFL’s Redskins, the debate still continues.

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