Proud Texan Dwight Howard is now owner of pet snake

Dwight Howard is embracing being a Texan.

Prior to last season, the Rockets’ center took the first step to accepting his new Texas lifestyle when he went shopping for traditional cowboy garb, which included boots, hats, and chaps.

And now, Howard is taking it one step further by owning a snake. Tuesday, the NBA All-Star posted a photo on Instagram with the caption "Can’t live in Texas and not own one of these."


Can't live in Texas and not own one of these.

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Now, I get Texas has a lot of snakes, but does everybody really own one as a pet?

Spurs guard/forward Danny Green has also been known to own a few pet snakes. So maybe there’s something to this?

I’ll stick to dogs, thanks.

(H/T That NBA Lottery Pick)