Hoke: Johnny Manziel wouldn’t start at Michigan

Michigan is a long way from Texas.

But don’t let distance get in the way of a good Johnny Manziel quote.

Speaking to the Dan Patrick Show on Friday, Michigan head coach Brady Hoke was asked an opened ended question, “If Johnny Manziel was your quarterback…”

“He’d probably be playing behind Devin Gardner,” Hoke immediately responded.

Patrick, and anyone else who was listening to the interview, responded in a very similar fashion.


Hoke declared that he had a lot of faith in Gardner, despite the fact that the Wolverines QB spent most of last season lining up at wide receiver while Manziel was breaking passing records at Texas A&M in route to winning the Heisman Trophy.

So far this season, the two quarterbacks are putting up similar numbers.  Each accounted for three touchdowns in their first game this season, albeit it took Gardner an entire game to total his while Manziel only needed one quarter and some change.

But Hoke’s assessment doesn’t single out the on-field accomplishments of the two signal callers, but it seems Manziel’s antics play a big part in his reasoning.

“We try and educate the kids here,” Hoke said. “This has always been about the team, the team, the team. If they’re going to celebrate, and they’re going to express themselves, do it with your teammates. Do it with the other 10 guys on that field that helped you make whatever great play happen.”