High School Football Game Begins…and Ends…With Coin Flip

Sometimes, two teams are so equally matched that the only way you can pick a winner is by a coin flip.

On Friday night in Ennis, Texas…that is exactlly what happened.

As heavy rains devestated high school football games across the state of Texas on Friday, a unique situation went down in Ennis as two schools tried to decide how to handle the situation.

Lufkin High School travled 150 miles on Friday for their game against the Lions. 

WFAA-TV in Dallas reported that after a lengthy rain delay, the game was called off.

But, instead of travleing back home and returning to play the game on Saturday, Lufkin decided to enforce a rule where in a non-game situation, the result of the game can be decided by a coin flip.

The coin was flipped and Lufkin won the toss…and the game…2-0. Ennis is credited with a forfeit for the loss.

A tweet from the Lufkin ISD account read "The football game in Ennis began and ended with a coin flip. Lufkin wins."

Lufkin improved to 5-3 on the season with the coin toss win and Ennis fell to 4-4…suffering their first home "loss" of the season.

There aren’t many stranger ways to lose a football game (unless you are the Michigan Wolverines, of course).


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