Hamilton still not ready to talk about life

ARLINGTON, Texas —  Josh Hamilton showed flashes of his April and May self on the field Thursday night for the Texas Rangers, getting two hits and driving in four in a 15-9 victory over the Los Angeles Angels.

What’s going on with Hamilton off the field remains a mystery.

Hamilton has talked about being disobedient with God with the media and that he would let everyone know what’s going on with him when the timing was right.

The timing still isn’t right, but Hamilton did talk about what’s going on with him a little more following the game.

“People are not going to understand; I’ll share more later,” he said. “It’s out there that my marriage is falling apart and people are trying to figure out what’s going on, but it’s nobody’s business. When I want you to know, I’ll let you know.”

One thing it seems Hamilton has tried to do is simplify his approach at the plate, and it’s starting to show with the results. Hamilton finished the 10-game homestand with 10 RBI and is once again the American League RBI leader with 88. Thursday he lashed a double to right-center and also had a two-run single to right off C.J. Wilson.

“Basically I’ve said ‘you know what, stop thinking about it, stop listening to everybody.  Everybody’s got something to say and just go out there and play’,” said Hamilton, who hit .177 in July. “React. Try to slow the game down again. It worked. There’s nothing wrong with my swing. It’s just about trusting myself, not being too aggressive and trying to slow the game down again.”

Good swing or bad swing, off the field problem or not, Hamilton doesn’t seem like he’s going to worry about things anymore.

“I don’t think about getting going anymore, I just think about coming out and trying to play period,” he said. “I want to play good, but whatever happens, happens. I’m not stressing over anything. I’ve got a smile on my face. Good things are going to happen. It’s been more frustrating because it’s God’s timing and not my timing.”