Hamilton jeered in possible finale with Rangers

ARLINGTON, Texas — Josh Hamilton did a lot of talking in past tense following his Rangers’ 5-1 season-ending loss to the Orioles.

The five time All-Star played what could have been his final game with the Rangers, and it was one he’d like to forget. It won’t be easy.

Hamilton went 0 for 4 and struck out twice. He saw just eight pitches at the plate and any chance at a standing ovation to end a year in which he hit 43 home runs with 128 RBI came to a different kind of end.

One with boos and profanities.

“They pay for their tickets and they’ve got a right to do what they want to do,” Hamilton said of the boos. “You hate to have it happen in possibly your last game ever here but sometimes it’s one of those things. I gave it my all every time I went out there. Hopefully they appreciated it more than they didn’t. I think they do.”

Hamilton was responsible for bringing in the lone Texas run on a double-play grounder in the first inning. He then struck out in the third inning, tapped back to the pitcher in the sixth and struck out again in the eighth. All eight pitches Hamilton saw were strikes, either swinging, called or put in play.

There were some cheers when Hamilton came to the plate in the eighth inning, but he didn’t hear any. He did hear the boos and the profanities though.

“Personally, myself, it wouldn’t matter how high I was if I went to a sporting event I would never boo somebody or I would never yell obscenities at somebody,” Hamilton said. “I still love them. I’ve enjoyed my last five years spending time with them.”