Hamilton denies using obscene gesture

ARLINGTON, Texas – Fans in right field at Rangers Ballpark had a long weekend of heckling Josh Hamilton in his return to Rangers Ballpark.

Hamilton said some of the fans crossed the line, but he also had fun with it too. He played like he was throwing a football in reference to his football town comments this spring.

But did he take things too far by making an obscene gesture to fans during Sunday’s 7-3 Texas win? Many people in the stands took to social media sites to say that Hamilton did just that.

Hamilton denied that.

“I never would do that,” Hamilton said. “Ever. I never would flip anybody off.”

Hamilton went 3 for 5 Sunday and was booed in every at-bat. The reception Hamilton got in the series even surprised Hamilton a little.

“A little more hectic than I expected,” he said. “The persistency of the crowd, which after the first couple of bats the first day I understood, I was able to block out better. It was surprising, but not real surprising. A little disappointing more than anything.”