Ginobili has special request for Heat-Pacers Game 7

Sure, it’s been a week now, and the San Antonio Spurs still do not know who they are playing in the NBA Finals.

After Monday night, they will.

But, if the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers don’t mind, Spurs guard Manu Ginobili has a special request of the two teams.

“Let them play five overtimes in Game 7,” Ginobili said when asked about the final game Monday night of the Eastern Conference Finals, according to the San Antonio Express-News. “That would be great.”

The Spurs are keeping a very close eye on the game, not just to find out who they will be facing, but because home-court advantage in the NBA Finals is also on the line based on the outcome.

If Miami wins Game 7, the Heat would have the home-court advantage over the Spurs. But, if Indiana wins, home-court would revert to San Antonio.

And as any veteran team knows, when it comes to the NBA Finals and the 2-3-2 format, home-court advantage is extremely important.

“It’s not that we pull (for Indiana),” Spurs guard Tony Parker told the newspaper. “I think this time it’s different than before because the home-court advantage. It is a big difference. It’s not definitive. It doesn’t mean that whoever has home-court advantage is going to win.

“But we all prefer to have a Game 7 at home than on the road if we could get to that point.”