Garrett wants Dez to be the ‘right kind of guy’

IRVING – It was reported Wednesday that Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant had reached a deal with the District Attorney’s office to have his misdemeanor family assault charge conditionally dismissed.

During his Thursday press conference, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett answered several questions about how the organization will handle the situation with Bryant, who was accused of hitting his mother in July.

“We have really, really good player programs and player development programs here with the Cowboys,” Garrett said. “We take that part of our job very seriously with all of our players. Dez has been a part of that thing and done a real good job with it.”

To have the family assault charge dropped, Bryant cannot be arrested or charged with another crime within a year and he must attend a year of counseling.

Can Garrett assure Cowboys fans that Bryant’s going to meet his obligations?

“We talk to Dez and all of our players every day about being the right kind of guy and trying to do the right things,” Garrett said. “In his case right now, that’s what he tries to do. We have a lot of programs in place for him and for other guys on our team to do the right things.

“He’s very aware of that and he works very hard to do that every day. We try to support him in those efforts.”

The NFL hasn’t disciplined Bryant for the alleged incident but there’s a chance that a punishment could come down in the future. Garrett initially said he didn’t want to comment on if waiting on a punishment was fair or not.

“The NFL can do whatever they want,” he added. “We as an organization are going to support Dez and his family, and we have throughout this whole process.”