Garrett: I shouldn’t have kept playing Romo, Bryant in blowout

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett admitted he made a mistake in letting quarterback Tony Romo finish Sunday’s blowout loss in New Orleans.

“We should have taken him out,” Garrett said when asked about leaving Romo in the 49-17 loss. “We talked about taking him out. He wanted to stay in. We should have taken him out.”

Garrett then said he shouldn’t have left receiver Dez Bryant in the game as well.

“It was a bad decision by me. We should have taken them out of the game.”

Backup quarterback Kyle Orton has appeared in just two games the last two seasons: Last year’s 34-18 loss to Chicago and this year’s season opener against the Giants when Romo left the game with a rib injury.

Garrett said there was no argument on the sideline in New Orleans about whether to continue to play Romo and Bryant. He said it was simply the competitive nature of the players to want to stay in the game.

“I don’t want to make a big deal out of this. This happens all the time. Players want to play,” Garrett said.

“They all wanted to play, they want to keep playing. That’s why they’re the players they are. That’s a good thing. When you have players who want to keep playing, that’s a good thing. But we should have taken them out and Kyle should have played that last series.”

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