Arian Foster: Andre Johnson ‘is Houston’

Andre Johnson continues to be at odds with the Texans as his status for training camp remains uncertain, but fellow star Arian Foster can’t see the dynamic receiver playing anywhere else but Houston.

"He is Houston," Foster told KPRC in Houston. "I remember when I had my little run where I had like back-to-back great seasons. I felt like this city loves me, they love me here. Everywhere I go, this is still Dre’s city. I don’t care if James Harden is walking around, Dwight Howard, whatever. This is Andre Johnson’s city. He is Houston. That’s what it means more than anything. He’s been a staple here for so long."

Despite Foster’s thoughts on Johnson being the biggest star in Houston, he does understand that professional football is a business and 33-year-old wants a ring before his career is over. Johnson reportedly asked for a trade last week, and four teams were interested.

"I understand where he’s coming from, I really do," Foster said. "This is a business and people forget this is a business and he’s at a point in his career where he doesn’t want money now. He wants to go win."

If Foster could get his way though, Johnson will be suiting up for the Texans on Week 1, but he support his teammate no matter his decision.

"Ultimately that’s one of my friends outside the field. So I want him to do what’s best for him," Foster said. "If he doesn’t feel like playing anymore, he wants to hang it up, then I’ll support him. If he wants to come back and help us win, I’m all for that as well."

The Texans have maintained they aren’t planning to trade Johnson, giving the receiver little options other than playing in Houston due to being under contract. Veterans report to training camp on July 25, and if Johnson continues to hold out, he could be fined by the team $30,000 per day he is absent.

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